Thursday, 26 November 2015

Leh vs Spiti – where will you head to?

Chandra Taal of Spiti valley - what a sight to behold!
If you are one person who thinks all mountains are same, the article is not definitely meant for you! But in case you are a gypsy-soul and feel that no two roads are alike, take a quick look and tell us which one excites you more. We look forward to hearing from every single travel-enthusiast in the group.

1.      From Touristy point of view – Leh and Spiti, both may appear similar in their geography and physics; they offer an altogether diverse kind of touristy. Leh is well-connected and even has an airport of its own. With so many flights landing up in Leh every day, it is now the Number One summer destination in India. Spiti on the other hand is still so very virgin. It is like a calm and peaceful place even in peak of summers when only high-adrenalin people come here seeking natural bliss.
Even the highest Motorable road in Leh is so approachable!

2.      Toughness Quotient – Leh is tough; we all agree and some of us have even experienced it. But Spiti is tougher especially because its roads aren’t as good as you may find in Leh-Ladakh region. So doing Spiti will be another feather in the crown of self-drive lovers who can’t forget their self-drive to Leh.
Untouched beauty of Spiti

3.      Pangong Tso vs Chandra Taal – If you thought Pangong Tso is the ultimate destination; wait till you see Chandra Taal lake! The point is you cannot decide which one is more beautiful. And lucky are those, who have seen the both.
And hat's Pangong Tso :) Priceless shot of Go Boundless Convoy!
4.      Food – This is one reason you must do Spiti trip after doing Leh. If Leh amazed you with its Tibetan and inter-cultural kind of food, Spiti will bowl you over with its unconventional food ranging from Yak meat to altogether different kind of Thukpas!

5.      Monasteries as well as Mummy – You will cherish visiting some of the best Monasteries in Leh-Ladakh region; Spiti also has some famous Buddhist monasteries like the Ki Monastery. And along with that, you can also see a 500-year old Mummy preserved in the Giu Village of Spiti Valley.

Ki Monastery in Spiti

Moral of the story is both the places have an incredible charm of their own. Doing one is not enough; you have to do the both for the love of mountains and adventure. Go Boundless organizes group self-drive trips to both destinations. We have seen our group members falling in love with both destinations hopelessly!

However, we still look forward to your vote in our Comment section – which one excites you more – Leh or Spiti? 

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