Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A photographer’s rendezvous with Pangong Tso

Love at first sight - Pangong Tso

 Pangong Tso has been a dream destination for millions of travel-enthusiasts but I am a lucky one-in-a-million photographer who not only got the chance to capture the best moods and moments of Pangong Tso but also got the chance to enjoy a group tour with Go Boundless to the most amazing terrain in India, Leh Ladakh.

Joining a group tour turned out to be such a super idea; I ended up clicking some goosebump moments. Especially whenever the whole convoy of 17 cars was visible as a trail on the curvy roads! The priceless shots turned out to be as inspiring as the sojourners in this group.

It wasn’t the first time I was travelling in a group for some trek or self-drive journey; but it definitely was the first time when I saw such organized efforts and yes, more families than just boyish crowd! Boy, what fun these women and kids had on the tour!!

The day we were supposed to camp at Pangong Tso, 20th June, was the one I was eagerly waiting for. The lake is a haven for photography-lovers. All possible shaded of blue and sheer sunlight during the day – no wonder, one never gets tired of clicking it. Pangong Tso also poses majestically for everyone. Icing on the cake was, we had planned to spend the night at Martsemik Camp, just 50 meters away from Pangong Lake. Yes, I was looking forward to shoot the lazy Pangong Tso in splendid morning sunrise time. All said and done, I did my best photo shoot here!

Even though every picture turned out breathtaking; I am still partial to the one where I took a Wide Angle shot of every single vehicle in our convoy standing tall in front of the larger-than-life Pangong Tso. The shot turned out to be more amazing than I could visualize!

As a photographer, this was indeed the most enriching tours of my life. As a person, I feel the Go Boundless Himalayan Drive rejuvenated me. Thank You Vaneeta for being so committed to our safety and fun. Looking forward to more such trips!

And now three secret Tip for budding photographers for Pangong Tso shoot -
1. Always shoot with the manual mode and adjust the shutter speed & aperture as per the light conditions available. With digital SLRs, it is has now become much easier to change the settings and get brilliant images.
2. Amateur photographers/tourists carrying a DSLR should always carry a tripod with them. Mounting the camera on the tripod will let you work with ease and there would be no shake in the image as well.
3. Always shoot at the widest angle of the lens. And finding a good open slave is not that difficult. Find a spot, set up the camera on the tripod and keep shooting.